Full Face Workout

How many of you go to the Gym to workout your body and forget your face? Anti Ageing products of course help, but what about re educating those facial muscles all 32 of them !

Micro current is an electrical treatment that can have an immediate toning effect on these delicate muscles whilst also stimulating collagen production and cell renewal. This results in an overall youthful appearance a "non surgical face lift". The treatment is based on a direct current low level impulse to awaken the muscles from the ageing process. Each impulse mirrors the bodies own natural biological energy to re educate and strengthen the muscle memory giving firmer more defined facial contours. Although a remarkable difference can be seen in just 1 treatment that will last for up to 48 hours a course of 6-12 treatments is recommended for optimum results. Ramp up the effects of your usual facial by adding 20 minutes of facial workout with the micro current treatment it increases the absorption of skincare products by 400% so your skin will look amazing.

Micro current Anti Ageing treatment.

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