Eyes "The window to your soul"

Beautiful eyes come in many different colours on many different skin tones. But no matter what gorgeous combination these shades happen to be, stunning eyes are guaranteed to make people stop right in their tracks and take a closer look at what's in front of them. After all, as they say, eyes are the window to the soul. You can tell so much about a person just by looking into their eyes. JOTRA Beautiful Eyes Treatment will help your eyes to look their best by helping to energise and refresh the eye area.

Today, most of us find ourselves spending a large amount of time looking at computer screens, mobile phones and tablets. Without realising it, this can make us frown and squint.

This over time can have an effect on the delicate skin around the eye area leading to premature ageing, tired and wrinkly eyes.

With puffiness and dark circles being a common issue also this can be a major concern when looking at your skin care needs.

The JOTRA Beautiful Eyes Treatment is a bespoke anti ageing treatment designed to combat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. This 30 minute treatment using super product formulations, specialist collagen mask and serums will leave the eye area visibly smoother, firmer and more vibrant.

The use of pressure point massage gently stimulates the delicate eye area to tighten and lift creating a beautiful contoured eye.

Don’t let the stressful pace of life reflect in your skin, its easier than you think to look after, and with the right advise and use of the correct home care products you can have beautiful bright engaging eyes.


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