Eyelash Treatment Issues

When it comes to enhancing your eyelashes there is a whole range of treatments available to you. Whether your a flick of mascara person or going for the range of extensions, tinting perming and falsies in order to give your lashes some oomph you need to be well informed.

Unfortunately with the use of unregulated products such as glues, chemicals and dyes that are easily available, it is proving to take a toll on your lashes and also the increase in emergency eyelid problems. Treatments need to be performed by a qualified reputable therapist or Lash technician you should have a patch test and a full consultation to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment and are happy with the after care of your lashes. Eyelash problems start with poor hygiene and lack of aftercare advice, causing bacterial overgrowth on the eyelashes. Eyelashes protect the eye from dust and particles entering and have a life cycle of about 4 weeks. With the addition of lash extensions these particles can get trapped within the lashes and glue causing a build up of bio film debris. Look after your lashes by following the aftercare advice, ensuring make-up is removed correctly daily, do not rub or play with your eyes or pull your lashes off! and ensure that your lash technician takes the lashes off correctly and you have a break from extensions for a while every now and again. Happy Lashes :)

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