Jotra & covid 19

Who would of thought at the beginning of the year we would be in the midst of a global health emergency.

2020 for me held so much promise; everyone was well my business was booming with new clients adding to my list of loyal clients and we had a year of special events planned. Then came March and the closure and lockdown how scary was that !! As of writing, over 18 million people worldwide have contracted COVID-19. Each day countries adopt increasingly restrictive measures, such as social distancing, stay-at home and quarantine, in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. While such measures are necessary to save lives in the short-term, they will undoubtedly contribute to devastating economic consequences in the longer-term.

Here at JOTRA I have everything possible in place for my clients and myself to be safe during treatments; yes there will be a form to fill in, hand washing and masks to wear; but this is a small price to pay for having some freedom from this awful virus. We are currently closed again due to the second wave and am keeping everything crossed that we can survive the storm.

JOTRA safe salon covid19

Looking forward to seeing my clients and getting back to what I love best....

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