Sustainable & Natural

JOTRA Skincare & Beauty Clinic uses premium products to ensure our clients receive the best treatments possible. To this end, we work hard to partner with Skincare Brands that we believe in. Our first is an international operating family business based in Germany, JANSSEN COSMETICs is aware of its responsibility towards the environment. The cosmetics company focuses on a sustainable and respectful use of natural resources. The green footprint of the Beauty industry is a hotly discussed topic, Janssen Cosmetics take responsibility for the environment and are committed to a respectful use of natural resources and it's sustainability. The shipping cartons consist of 80% recycled cardboard and uses machine-processed cardboard, which makes it possible to recycle old cardboard for packaging.

The paper used for all print documents such as brochures and posters are also FSC certified. Janssen is committed in the reduction of plastics through new packaging solutions and is continually looking to improve this. JOTRA is happy to work with such conscientious partners in the fight to save the environment for our future generations.

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